Intro to Flower Essences at Bowerbird Flowers

Intro to Flower Essences at Bowerbird Flowers


Join us in the magical plant and flower-filled shop at Bowerbird flowers for this Introduction to Flower Essences on October 5th!

Just as each person we come into contact with has their own unique personality and energy- so do plants! And especially flowers- which are the most conspicuous and visible aspect of a plants personality. Flower essences are prepared in a specific way to capture the energy imprint of a flower so we can use this magical energy for therapeutic purposes. Not only are they fun and easy to prepare, but flower essences are most often used for healing emotional blockages, to guide us further along a healing path, to help us connect to spirit, or to help us shift internal mental and emotional states. By creating deeper harmony within ourselves, we begin to experience and perceive the world and our everyday lives in a different way.

This powerful and effective medicine is great for everyone including kids, elders, pets, and is especially great for people on a lot of medication (we don’t have to be concerned with contraindications with energy medicine).

In this Intro class we will learn:

  • What flower essences are 

  • How to make flower essences (with hands on experience making essences in class)

  • How to use flower essences

  • What are the other things we can make “essences” out of

  • How to connect to your intuition and the energy of a plant to learn more about the use of an essence and how it might support you or someone you love

  • Materia Medica (detailed profile) for the flowers we use in class

We will experience a plant spirit meditation to connect with our own inner wisdom about the energy medicine being offered through our chosen plant as well as for learning to attune to subtle energy of plants and flowers. Each participant will make and go home with 1 oz. of a flower essence of their choice.

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